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Amazing Cheesecake Made from Scratch

Each cheesecake is made from the heart and we don't skimp. We use only Philadelphia Cream Cheese™ and fresh ingredients to achieve the greatest taste possible. For example, our White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake has a chocolate graham cracker crust with white chocolate flavor and a layer of white chocolate chunks on the crust. You'll also find a swirl of raspberry jam throughout the cheesecake. Our Kahlua® Chocolate Chip Cheesecake has a chocolate crust with Kahlua-flavored filling and delicious chocolate chips mixed in. It's topped off with a chocolate ganache and a candy Kiss™.

Featured Cheesecakes - 9" serves 16

  • Snickers–$40
  • New York–$25
  • Kahlua Chocolate–$35
  • Chocolate Raspberry–$30

A Closer Look

  • Snickers™ Cheesecake–Our creamy original cheesecake blended with chocolate and bursting with chunks of Snickers candy both inside and out.  Sure to satisfy any craving.  $40.00
  • Turtle Cheesecake–A sinfully smooth caramel cheesecake loaded with milk chocolate chips, pecans and chunks of carmel baked upon a chocolate pecan crust.  Just when you think we're done, we top it off with a milk chocolate ganache and even more pecans.  Truly tempting!!  $40.00

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